Photo: 2017 YinzOR

YinzOR 2019!

“Yinzer*: A native or inhabitant of the US city of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania.”

The 2018 YinzOR Student Conference provides an opportunity for students whose research is in Operations Research, Management Science, Industrial Engineering, and other related fields to interact with each other.

It will be hosted by the CMU INFORMS Student Chapter at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University on Friday and Saturday, August 24th-25th, 2018. It will be a single-track conference with ample time for discussion during coffee breaks.

The 2018 YinzOR Student Conference is sponsored by:


Organizing Committee:

  • Mehmet Aydemir
  • Franco Berbeglia
  • David Bernal
  • Musa Celdir
  • Violet Chen
  • Sagnik Das
  • Ozgun Elci
  • Nam Ho-Nguyen
  • Amin Hosseininasab
  • Melda Korkut
  • Cristiana Lara
  • Neda Mirzaeian
  • Thiago Serra
  • Ziye Tang
  • Christian Tjandraatmadja


*More about the meaning of Yinz by Prof. John Hooker:

“Yinz” means you-ones or yous-ones (2nd person plural pronoun) and derives from the Scots language, sometimes called Lowland Scots, spoken in southern Scotland until the late 18th century.  It was spoken by such famous people as Adam Smith and David Hume, who also spoke and preferred English.

Many Lowland Scots migrated to Ulster (Northern Ireland) around 1600, and many from there to North America, where they are known as Scots-Irish.  Most originally settled in western Pennsylvania, including the Mellons (as in Carnegie Mellon University), who are from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  This is why the Pittsburgh dialect is influenced by their language, and Pittsburghers are known as Yinzers today.