The 2018 YinzOR Student Conference will have a poster session open to all fields related to the conference. The judging panel will consist of Carnegie Mellon University faculty members.

The top three poster presenters will win cash prizes: $500 for the first place, $300 for the second place, and $200 for the third place.


Presenting authors and titles of accepted poster presentations

  • Dhaifallah Alghamdi, “A Data Mining Based Approach for Burglary Crime Rate Prediction”
  • Mansur Arief, “Designing Insurance Policies for Self-Driving Cars: A Rare Safety-Critical Event Perspective”
  • Kamal Basulaiman, “Obesity Intervention through taxation: a game-theoretic approach”
  • Courtney Burris, “Time-Dependent Student Performance Modeling and Optimal Teaching Policies”
  • Sagnik Das, “Multicommodity Network Design Problem under Congestion”
  • Ozgun Elci, “An application of risk-averse stochastic modeling to humanitarian relief network design”
  • John E. Fontecha, “Boosting social influence via randomized incentive programs”
  • Gian-Gabriel Garcia, “A Data-driven Stochastic Programming Approach to Determine Decision Boundaries for Medical Diagnosis Decisions”
  • Dabeen Lee, “Generalized Chvatal-Gomory closures for integer programs with bounds on variables”
  • Daniel Fernandez, “Sentiment Prediction of Customer Reviews”
  • Anna Svirsko, “Solving the Hospital Medication Delivery Problem: Reducing Costs Without Sacrificing Quality of Care”
  • Po-Wei Wang, “The Mixing method: low-rank coordinate descent for semidefinite programming with diagonal constraints”



  • 1st place: Po-Wei Wang
  • 2nd place: Dabeen Lee
  • 3rd place: Gian-Gabriel Garcia and Ozgun Elci